Pythagoras meets Euclid

Tytuł: Concert "Pythagoras meets Euclid:

Creator: Magos Makriyannis (Greece) 

Cast: Magos Makriyannis - modular synthesizer, wokal 


Date: 01.09.2019 / Sunday /

Time: 7 pm

Place: Glass Hall in Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz

Tickets: admission is free, prior reservation of seats is required

Duration: 30 minutes (no intermissions)

Viewrs' age: 3 +



Music is nothing more than mathematical ratios - divisions of sound frequency and time. But if you realize that you could have more numbers that you find in traditional 12 tones scale - more like Dulux color palette... or that whenever you blink while counting 4/4 you miss the whole world of musical events.

In this memorable meeting of two math giants Pythagoras is the one who brings primal vibration of cosmic strings which resonate in our bodies so naturally - with all microtonal nuances. On the other hand, Euclid and his historical algorithm that could generate all possible patterns present in World Music. Let’s have this and more - exponential rhythms - we can juice out all of sweet from musical time stream.

All of these concepts expressed with electronic music medium - cables, knobs and leds, synthesis and micromontage.


Magos Makriyannis - is a musicologist and mathematician - graduate of music studies at the University of Athens. His effort is to expose rare musical concepts outside of universities lecture rooms and make them breath in the musical lifeform.