13th Cage

Title: Exhibition "13 Cage" / "13 Klatka"

Creators: Weronika Fibich, Patrycja Terciak (Poland)

Concept and execution: Weronika Fibich, Patrycja Terciak

Photos: Pan Gabriel

Voice: Piotr Motas

Sound: Piotr Matula

Video: Michał Niedzielski

Photos description: Ewa Julianna Kwidzyńska, Tomasz Grygier, Joanna Szczepanik, Piotr Motas, Marta Mikuła, Oczajdusza - Michał Wojtarowicz, Łukasz Cieślak, Grzegorz Habryn, Danuta Narojczuk, Zuzanna Seweryna Dolega, Katarzyna Skręt, Ryszard Narojczuk

Optic Mikroscopy optyczna: Martyna Leszczewicz i Lidia Lipińska (Laboratorium Biotechnologii Przemysłowej, Bionanopark)

Electron Microskopy elektronowa: dr Marcin Rosowski (Laboratorium Biofizyki Molekularnej i Nanostrukturalnej, Bionanopark)

Consultations on photos conservation: Marta Saganek (Instytut Sztuki PAN)


Date: 28.08.2019 / Wednesday /

Time: 6 pm, 7:10 pm, 8:20 pm

Place: Room A_22 in Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz

Tickets: 20 / 30 pln

Duration: 3 x 50 minutes

Number of viewers: 14

Viewers age: 16 +



Before I met the owner of the photographs from a big cardboard box, I took photoactive matter on which he was writing down the world. With each photograph I learnt new facts, deciphered a record of a snapshot. From pieces I put a story that could be. Before I met the owner of the photographs, I found out how he sees the world. For decades he was putting his everyday life into details and portrait shots. All narrations are possible. Curiosity, snippets of one's story, meeting a person of that story – all of it brought us here to ask a question: "how much what was once >>thrown away<< can be >>found<<?" Our action is an attempt to account for having a story which is not our own. It is a polyphonic story about remembering and forgetting, about throwing away and intercepting, about finding something anew and looking for traces of presence in matter not visible with a naked eye. 


Weronika Fibich - Her work borders on performative arts, reportage and documentary. Director of theatrical/performative undertakings, interdisciplinary artist, creator of documentaries and a number of artistic projects. Since 1998 affiliated with Kana Theatrical Centre. Apart from artistic, cultural, and educational activities undertook by the Centre, for years she has been following her own artistic path. Her interests involve activities which go outside theatrical space and border on private and public spheres. Very often she raises subjects of borderline, exclusion, memory and identity. Her method of working is "drawing from memory". A value of such a drawing comes from linking private and public, rational and intuitive, recalled and felt. 

Piotr Matula - His everyday job is that in a choir of Łódź Philharmonic Hall as well as teaching how to play keyboard instruments. He is part of a Fisherboyz duo and Di Canto vocal quartet. He composes film and theatre music as well as music for dance movement therapy classes. Multi-instrumentalist. 

Patrycja Terciak - PhD student in the Faculty of Sculpture and Intermedia at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. Independent artists. She works in the matter of performative and visual arts. She is interested in liminal categories, individual and group memory, the art of documenting, third culture activities. She also undertakes cultural projects.