Title: Performance: "Acts" / "Akty"

Creator: Aurora Lubos (Poland / Great Britain) 

Video, choreography, texts, scenography: Aurora Lubos

Music: Motion Trio “Stars” 

Cast: Aurora Lubos


Date: 25.08.2019 / Sunday /

Time: 5:30 pm

Place: Room A_22 in Art_Inkubator i Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz

Tickets: 20 / 30 pln

Duration: 40 minutes (no intermissions)

Vievers' age: 15 +



"Akty" is a performance based on true stories of people who experienced domestic violence. It is the artist's response to the letters she read and talks she had with abused people. She also drew inspiration from artistic workshops in centres which help such people, as then she could learn about their emotionality, sensitivity and strength. She does not want to voice her opinion, but only - through her actions - let other people speak, people who are stripped off their voices and are unable to shout. It is a loop, powerlessness, silence, fragmented texts, vanishing, exits, images and more acts. 


Aurora Lubos - An independent artist and performer, she works in association with contemporary dance groups from Gdańsk (Poland) and Great Britain. She created a couple of powerful solo performances in which she comments on domestic violence. Her artistic endeavours involve her own original productions such as – solo performances: "Zanzibar", "Niedokończone", "Nóż, koń i schody", "Akty", "Nie Wolno", "Witajcie/Welcome"; installation and performances: "Akt 1", "4 Kąty", "Akt na dwie", "Ostatki", "Bez Domu", "Z wody"; and animations: series "Winter 2010". For past 15 years she was an actress of a prestigious British theatre Vincent Dance Theatre.