Title: Performance: "Twine.Measure.Cut."

Creators: Teatrer Slava (Sweeden)

Director: Micke Klingvall

Set and light design: Daniel Rudholm

Sound design: Lars Brinck

Costumes: Maria af Klintberg

Cast: Elin Tisell, Maria af Klintberg, Viktoria Siwek


Date: 24.08.2019 / Saturday /

Time: 8 pm

Place: Room A_22 in Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz

Tickets: 20 / 30 pln

Duration: 60 minutes (no intermissions)

Vievers' age: 12 +



The powerful faiths of Nordic mythology, three female forces dwell in the deep. They are eternal but connected to time by the constant making of their hands. They twine the roots to fine threads. They twine them, measure them by some random logic, and cut. The life of Gods and men are made like this, some troubled by knots and rough fibre, some smooth. Some are measured short, some long, not by any good deeds, just by chance. The blade met your thread just now, thats all. Cut. Next.

This notion of the three mighty women is re-appering in fairy tales from different cultures around the world, art, myths and even in text by Shakespeare, but how do we understand the ancient imagery today. Are we still just questioning the human conditions, trying to find meaning in our life and loss? Can the Norns still speak to us. The performance is full of vibrant songs, poignant imagery and meditative movement. 

Secular rite for a modern generation. Exceptional way of singing, flowing movement and excellent team work are identification marks of the Swedish physical theatre Sláva. In this extraordinarily beautiful, violent and meditative performance, three mysterious women explore ideas behind three Nordic mythologies. They sit by the tree of life and twine its threads. Lives are measured and cut.


Teater Sláva - A physical theatre company from Sweden. The group is based on a body-voice-ensemble practice, and perform for and teach for people in all ages, since early 90´s. Fifteen years back Teater Sláva got their own venue just south of Stockholm, Tonsalen.

The three performers in "Twine.Measure.Cut." has worked for a long time together in the ensemble. ”In the process of making this performance we wanted to find a new sound just for us. So we got new songs, and turned to Bulgaria, where there is such a strong tradition of women voices in coral music. We also wanted the ancient language of the nordic countries, not understood by common man anymore to be heard. So we invite all members of the audience to decipher this visual concert with their own experience.”


“Twine.Measure.Cut. is bizarrely beautiful and striking in the extreme, a jewel of many facets. Billed as a “secular rite for modern mankind”, the show depicts the three Norns of Norse mythology as they measure and cut the threads of life.”

Nick Hansen, Prag Fringe Festival 2015