Master Class with Rosanna Gamson

Title: Master Class with Rosanna Gamson (USA)

Leaders: Rosanna Gamson and the dancers of Rosanna Gamson World Wide: Mallory Fabiani, Kearian Giertz


Date: 19-25.08. 2019 / Monday - Sunday /

Time: 10 am - 3 pm

Place: Workshop room in Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz and spaces of Art_Inkubator in w Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz

Workshops will be closed with the after-workshop performance open for the audience

Date of the performance: 26.08.2019 / Monday /

Time: 7 pm

Place: Stage in Art_Inkubator in w Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz


Price: 300 pln

Duration: 7 x 5 hours + after-workshop performance open for the audience

Workshop dedicated to: adults, dancers, choreographers, actors, performers, directors, people with great passion and love for dance and intensive movement

Number of participants: 20

Age of participants: 18 +

Important information: please bring comfortable clothing, socks, knee pads



We invite you for an intensive and extremely developing dance adventure with Rossana Gamson, an award-winning and highly acclaimed choreographer from Los Angeles. Rossana visits Łódź again to share with us her knowledge and experience. She will run 7-day, original workshops which will be concluded with a performance based on improvisation and put on at the International Theatre Festival Retroperspektywy 2019: Spectator/Participant/Co-creator organised by CHOREA Theatre. 

Rossana Gamson's method of working develops dancers’ and actors’ dynamic range, their musicality, interpretive skills and an ability to enter deeply into the work of others, the work of our dance partners. The programme is inspired by games and it provides choreographers and directors with a new toolkit for movement invention and new compositional strategies. The workshop offers a rigorous yet constructive investigation of artists', dancers', choreographers', actors' and directors' physicality and imagination. Together we will set off for a quest that will be finalized with an improvised performance. 

"Like the always welcome dinner guest who brings an insightful new perspective to any conversation, Gamson is consistently one of L.A.’s most provocatively thoughtful choreographers."
(Ann Haskins, LA Weekly) 

"Rosanna knows her compositional technique inside and out and is able to communicate these ideas and concepts clearly through her highly developed methods of teaching. She inspired me in ways that pushed my artistic voice and her no-nonsense approach encouraged me to develop my own creative thought processes. I would never be the artist I am today without Rosanna’s invaluable mentorship."
(Daniel Charon - Artistic Director, Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company) 

"Rosanna is an "Artistic Scientist" who goes inside your brain to analyze your thoughts and your goals and helps you to make them a reality. She gives you many different approaches on how you can choreograph and makes you see a new perspective on how you can create your work when you feel lost and don't quite know the direction you want to take."
(Jacques Heim, Artistic Director of Diavolo- Architecture in Motion)


Rosanna Gamson - as Artistic Director of Rosanna Gamson/World Wide (RGWW) has created bi-national collaborative projects in Poland and Mexico, and toured her dance theatre works in North America since 2000, and Europe since 2012. RGWW has been presented and commissioned by museums, theatres, and alternative performance spaces both locally and abroad; including REDCAT, the Luckman Theater, Skirball Cultural Center, Getty Center, Grand Performances in LA, Teatro Raul Flores Canelo de CENART and UNAM Theatre in Mexico City, the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. The RGWW group took part in numerous dance and theatre festivals in the US and Western Europe. RGWW's creation, touring, and travel support includes awards from National Dance Project, National Performance Network, the NEA'S US-Mexico Initiative, Cultural Exchange International, Contacto Cultural and the Trust for Mutual Understanding. Gamson earned her BFA and MFA from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. She is a lecturer at the Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance at CalArts in Los Angeles. She founded Terra Nova, an annual choreographic residency for Los Angeles area dance makers.




Registration to the workshop is organized by CHOREA Theatre.
You can register by writing an e-mail, to the address:
The registration e-mail must contain Your name and title of the workshop and CV, bio or short information about why You are interested in participating in the workshop.


- The cost of participation in Master Class with Rosanna Gamson is 300 pin. This is a full workshop fee and cannot be reduced depending on the lesser number of workshop days or hours in which the participant took part.

- Complete payment for participation in the workshops must be transfered to CHOREA Theatre bank account during 7 days from the date of registration, otherwise the reservation will be canceled.

- Number of the bank account is: Alior Bank: 95 2490 0005 0000 4530 5405 9285 (Swift code: ALBPPLDW). Write Your name and the title of the workshop in the title of the bank transfer.

- CHOREA Theatre will return the payment to the sender's account, if You resign from participating in the workshops until 9th August 2019. If the participant resigns after 9th August 2019, CHOREA Theatre will not be able to return the payment.

- In case if CHOREA Theatre will not collect the optimal number of participants, required by the workshop leaders, the workshops will be canceled and CHOREA Theatre will return all payments to the sender's account.

- The workshop participant agrees to publish his/her image for the purposes of the event's documentation and promotion on the Internet, press, television and other types of advertising media.

- Coffee, tea and water will be available for participants during the workshops. CHOREA Theatre does not provide accommodation and meals to the participants. English will be used throughout the workshop.

- The final interpretation of the regulations belong to the organizers.

Please read the regulations before making a workshop payment.
Making a payment is unequivocal with the acceptance of terms and conditions of the regulations.