Workshops Sleepwalkers: Open Session

Tytuł: Workshops "Sleepwalkers: Open Session" / "Lunatycy: Sesja Otwarta" (Poland)

Leaders: Helena Ros & Klaudiusz Ślusarczyk

Participants: Tomasz Bazan, Dana Chmielewska, Edyta Jarząb, Łukasz Przytarski, TO-EN and workshop participants


Date: 24.08.2019 / Saturday /

Time: 4 pm - 7 pm

Place: Room C_101 in Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz


Price: 30 pln

Duration: 1 hour (initiation and worm-up for the participants) + 2 hours (intra-akction with the presence of the audience)

Workshop dedicated to: artists, performers, dancers and actors

Number of participants: 10

Age of participants: 15 +

Important information: please bring comfortable clothing



Project "Lunatyczka" (en. female sleepwalker) was initiated by Helena Ros and Klaudiusz Ślusarczyk to be a place of exploration of dramatized passiveness and responsiveness. Balancing on the border of theatre and dance, the work analyses contemporary "asleep" body, thus revealing the issues of its shaping and deforming. In autumn 2018, first presentation of the work in a form of a play in Warsaw took place. 

This time we open up the structure of "Lunatyczka" and look for volunteers who, together with the group, would like to take part in the improvisation session that will explore the topic of various forms of subjectivity. In the investigation process we want to refer to a sleepwalking body, with an entire metaphorical potential of the phenomenon. Together, within a performative space, we want to ponder constant self-expression which fills our being and becomes one of the ways to keep up the condition of non-nothingness. The session is for artists, performers, dancers and actors and takes form of a 3-hour long artistic inter-action. 

Project "Lunatyczka" develops due to the cooperation with performative artists and investigation sessions. In 2018 two such sessions occurred – night-long vigil inspired by the work of Jacek Zmysłowski "Oczy Skóry", and "Pochwała nudy" held in a room at The Laboratory / Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw. Activities which started in this way will be further explored in the project with a possible participation of people interested in it.


Helena Ros (Sara Rodowicz-Ślusarczyk) - in 2008 she graduated with honours from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Faculty of Graphic Design. She displayed her works, which combine photography and choreography, in Poland, Japan and France. She is a co-author of the idea, dramaturgy and texts for the projects which are on the borders of performance and theatre (Performance Project 10012004: Elizabeth and Performance Project 09102009: Pan); she performed them when in Poland and Japan. A PhD student in the faculty of psychoanalysis research at Sorbonne - Paris Diderot University where she writes dissertation on the boundaries of beauty. 

Klaudiusz Ślusarczyk - is a director, playwright and visual artists. He graduated from the Faculty of Performative Arts at the Monash University in Australia with a degree in directing. Creator and founder of the artistic collective Couscouskuskus (﷟ He is a lecturer in the Faculty of New Media Arts at the PJAIT in Warsaw. He references diverse research disciplines which deal with issues with memory. He studies phenomena of "memory errors" for which he later creates a movement, text, sourced image and sound. Centre of his interests takes widely-understood issues of alienation and affiliation. His last research led him to the analysis of ideas connected with shaping human subjectivity. Many theatrical projects and photography exhibitions were based on his research and presented in Australia, Europe and Japan. Klaudiusz Ślusarczyk currently lives and works in Warsaw. His main works are: "Lunatyczka" (play, 2018), How go (photography exhibition at Biennale du Stonefield, France 2016), "A Sleeper Wakes" (novella, 2016), "Tahiti is Approaching" (photography exhibition, Warszawa 2014), "J & H" (play, 2012), "Performance Project 09102009: Pan" (play, 2010), "DJ: 4 Love Acts" (play, 2009), "Performance Project 10012004: Elizabeth" (play, 2004).



Registration to the workshop is organized by CHOREA Theatre.
You can register by writing an e-mail, to the address:
The registration e-mail must contain Your name and title of the workshop and CV, bio or short information about why You are interested in participating in the workshop.


- The cost of participation in the workshop is 30 pin. This is a full workshop fee and cannot be reduced depending on the lesser number of workshop days or hours in which the participant took part.

- Complete payment for participation in the workshops must be transfered to CHOREA Theatre bank account during 7 days from the date of registration, otherwise the reservation will be canceled.

- Number of the bank account is: Alior Bank: 95 2490 0005 0000 4530 5405 9285 (Swift code: ALBPPLDW). Write Your name and the title of the workshop in the title of the bank transfer.

- CHOREA Theatre will return the payment to the sender's account, if You resign from participating in the workshops until 9th August 2019. If the participant resigns after 9th August 2019, CHOREA Theatre will not be able to return the payment.

- In case if CHOREA Theatre will not collect the optimal number of participants, required by the workshop leaders, the workshops will be canceled and CHOREA Theatre will return all payments to the sender's account.

- The workshop participant agrees to publish his/her image for the purposes of the event's documentation and promotion on the Internet, press, television and other types of advertising media.

- Coffee, tea and water will be available for participants during the workshops. CHOREA Theatre does not provide accommodation and meals to the participants. Polish/English will be used throughout the workshop.

- The final interpretation of the regulations belong to the organizers.

Please read the regulations before making a workshop payment.
Making a payment is unequivocal with the acceptance of terms and conditions of the regulations.