Fluxus by 10 hands, 10 legs and 10 heads

Title: Performance "Fluxus on 10 hands, 10 legs and 10 heads" / "Fluxus na 10 rąk, 10 nóg i 10 głów"

Creator: Eric Andersen & Arti Grabowski (Denmark / Poland)


Date: 24.08.2019 / Saturday /

Time: 7 pm

Place: Glass Hall, Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz

Tickets: 20 / 30 pln

Duration: 60 minutes (no intermissions)

Viewers' age: 7 +



The show is based on scripts by the legendary Fluxus Group and performed by Dr Arti Grabowski and invited guests. Fluxus is an (anti-)artistic, international movement that stems from last century's 60s and 70s in the USA, Western Europe and Japan. Fluxus was famous for overcoming boundaries between traditionally perceived art and the prose of life. The artists mixed visual arts with poetry, music, actions and objects to create intermedia art. Fluxus was full of a sense of humour that sometimes even bordered on irony. Yet, it always resembled a childlike joy as they played the game of art, played the game with art, showed the art of playing. Movement turned out to be an accurate reflection and an important voice in a dialogue about art's place and role.


Eric Andersen - was born in 1940 in Antwerpen. He is one of the pioneers of InterMedia and he has for more than 6 decades been developing open works, works under change, arte strumentale, audience participation and communication not conditioned by traditional media or accepted technology. In 1962 he was one of the founders of the international network FLUXUS. He has made several hundreds of exhibitions and performances all over the world and published innumerable publications, one of them including a town. His major works include Hidden Paintings, Crying Spaces, Confession Kitchens, Lawns That Turn Towards The Sun and Artificial Stars. In 1996 during Copenhagen, The Cultural City of Europe, he became the artistic director of the biggest InterMedia event ever presented in Europe. The event lasted 3 days and included helicopters, parachuters, living sheep, mountain climbers and 500 singers walking on the sea. Eric Andersen is represented in all major collections of experimental art and has been rewarded many private and government grants. He won the Eiffel Tower Price in 1987 and received the Eckersberg Medal in 1997 and the Thorvaldsen Medal in 2019 from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Arti Grabowski - Artist of performances, video art, installations and frozen images. In his performative activities he borders on absurd and irony connecting them with vitality and unpredictability of his behaviour; he plays with words, associations and their nonliteral meanings; he surprises audience with a change of mood; he pulls at his spectators' emotions which he later – when necessary – turns into laughter, fear or confusedness only to finally, in a happy ending, serve "good vibes". For past ten years he has undertaken over one hundred activities – all of them suggestive, jocular and critical. He graduated from the Fine Art Academy in Kraków, Faculty of Sculpture (Intermedia Atelier, Diploma in Performance). He holds a PhD and is an assistant professor in the Faculty at the Academy.